Exchange rate in formulas


Now, when creating online calculators, in formulas, you can use the online exchange rate. In addition to the previous functions, we have added another one, with which you can get the exchange rate of a given currency directly in the formula.The new function is called exchangeRates() and is located in the general list of functions:

The writing format for this function is as follows:



1 parameter - the amount to be converted from one currency to another
2 parameter - currency in which the amount is specified
3 parameter - currency to which amount should be converted
4 parameter - the default exchange rate, in case the online exchange rate could not be obtained

The following currencies are currently available:

  • USD - US dollar
  • EUR - euro
  • GBP - pound sterling
  • UAH - ukrainian hryvnia
  • RUB - russian ruble
  • KZT - kazakh tenge
  • PLN - polish zloty
  • CZK - czech krone
  • CNY - chinese yuan

What currency are you missing? Write in the comments and we'll be sure to add it.

This site is used to get exchange rates. This service collects exchange rates from different banks and generates an average value. The rate is updated several times a day.

If in your calculations the price is tied to the exchange rate, then with this function you will greatly facilitate your work and you will not need to update prices manually.

That's all for today. Have a great day.

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