Basic possibilities

Web Form Designer

Using the form designer, you can create web forms of any complexity. You do not need to have special knowledge and install additional software on your PC. You just need to select the appropriate template, enter the data and copy the code, transfer the finished form to your website. Create projects in few minutes and save your time!

37 types of web form elements

The designer’s functionality allows you to create web forms of any complexity: from a standard subscription to Email newsletters to full-fledged multi-page questionnaires. The parameters of each field are configured separately. You choose which of them are required, and also specify field names and tips for users.

Auto save of data in the form

Set the auto-save function for the items you need. Once this field is filled, user won't need to fill it again at the next viewing of the form. Previously entered data is automatically supplied in this field.

Drag & drop interface

No HTML or CSS required - with the intuitive Drag & Drop interface, anyone can create a web form. Add new fields for entering the name and contact information, checkboxes, drop-down lists and buttons for downloading files, by selecting the necessary items in the menu and dragging them to the workspace with the mouse. In the same way, you can change the order of fields in a finished web form by moving them up and down.

Multipage web forms

If a web form uses a large number of elements, it is advisable to divide them into several pages. This is necessary when you need to conduct a detailed survey, create a quiz, fill out an application for the purchase of goods, or enter data in the database. Multipage web forms are created by clicking on the "Add page" link.A new page will appear on the screen where you can add all the elements that you need.

In addition, you have the opportunity to configure step-by-step data storage at each step of the form. Even if the user stops filling the form you will still see the entered data and will be able to analyze at what stage users quit filling out the form.

Personalized web forms

Contact the form by customer name. Configure the transfer of the name, phone or email address to the form and display them anywhere in your form. Do not require the client to re-fill the fields if this information is already in your CRM system or email newsletter service.

You own subdomain for forms

In the case when users do not want web forms to contain links to our website, we suggest using our own subdomain for posting. Go to the list of forms, select the one for which you need a subdomain and go to the "Settings" section. Then select the "Subdomain" section. All that remains is to press the "Add Subdomain" button and enter the data. More detailed information on creating your own subdomain is presented here.

Web forms with a file upload feature

You can create web forms with the function of uploading text and graphic files, images, videos, and music. All data will be available for download in the user's account. To create that possibility, select the “Upload files” element in the “Additional Fields” section and add it to the form with one click.

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