What is a Quiz and how to create it correctly?

The quiz can be called a new effective marketing tool with which you can identify the needs of the website visitor. A Quiz is a step-by-step capture form that helps to make the client more and more interested in each subsequent question, rather than immediately scare the client off with a questionnaire of 10 - 20 questions on one page, and as a result, leave a request and get his contact information.информацию.

Quiz advantage

Quiz allows you to consistently bring your customer closer to submitting a request. Quiz or Quiz-Landing is implemented in a game form, where the visitor is asked several questions step by step:

  • Who is he?
  • What does he need?
  • How much money is he ready to spend?
  • When?

Quizzes are actively used for educational and entertainment purposes, and now they have a bright trading effect. Quizzes offered a worthy, we can say, "softer" alternative to a more "aggressive" request - to leave a request. The website visitor answers with interest to questions, because he knows that at the end he will find out, for example, what discount he will get for a product or service. Here are some direct benefits:

  • Conversion of tickets is from 12 percent.
  • In fact, every second user opens the test for review.
  • Price of creation.
  • Creation of a tool for selling goods and services in a short time.
  • After sending the order, the sales department immediately sees what the client needs.
  • Gives the opportunity to make a specific "hot" offer, according to the needs of the site visitor.
  • Can be used simply to increase site traffic.

Psychological aspects

  • A certain "passion" for passing tests and polls
  • The feeling of incompleteness, if not completely passed the test

How to create quiz correctly?

To motivate a visitor to take a survey, you need to clearly explain why he needs it. The purpose of passing the quiz may be to decide his interest or get a bonus or a gift. The quiz consists mainly of several pages: the entrance page with an offer to pass the test (survey) and bonuses for passing the test, and the page with questions and the application form at the end. Passing the survey, the potential client finds the most attractive product. All quests are used as game mechanics. A visa is like a one-page site, one-page landings, which is made according to all the requirements of the landings, but has one narrow header, solving a certain "pain" of the client, gives for it, some gifts, bonuses, discounts, offering to pass the test.

The step-by-step presentation of information involves and the visitor wants to pass further. When we create a quiz, we do not have to show all the questions at once, we give 4-6 questions, to which a person consistently answers and at the end leaves his contact information. After filling in the receipt quiz by the customer, you will understand exactly whether the customer or not.

Quizzes can be variable. In the sales department, having received answers from the questionnaire, you can immediately see what the client needs, and he does not need to call and ask a bunch of questions. For example, on the site when ordering a cab, in questions you need to specify who is going, what class of car, route and at the end of the necessary bonus in the form of discounts on the trip or the price per kilometer. The main thing is to choose the right questions, to make them varied, so that the visitor, having chosen one answer, then went one way, choosing another - the second (third). Questions should not be complicated, "annoying", it is better that they are accompanied by explanations (example of a closet, the material of which), so that the client simply chose the option of the answer.

Answer choices can be in the form of an image or text plus an image. There should also be an answer choice: "I don't know" or "no answer".

Errors in creating tickets

  1. Do not consider different types of clients. In a question, you need to select the type of client at once
  2. Leave the answer manually, i.e. force a potential client to enter a lot of numbers and text manually.
  3. No date election, i.e. open the calendar - select month, day
  4. Attach project file (you can make it optional, make it optional)
  5. Drop-down lists and small items that are difficult to get into (from a mobile device)
  6. Do not consider that a person does not know. In other words, there should be a point - I do not know.
  7. Do not give hints (it is hard with terms, if the potential client is "off topic")
  8. Ask many questions (no more than 4-6)
  9. Do not explain why the question is asked (use the prompts in the fields).
  10. Ask more than one question per step
  11. Do not motivate the user on the last step (set a discount on the phone number).

Ways to create quizzes

You can contact professional developers, who will set everything up for you for a fee, but you can use a special constructor to create a quiz. One such constructor is FormDesigner.

Not so long ago we created a special theme of design, for the visa. Now it won't take you much time to create a ticket. To see it live, we have created a special blank for the quiz. Click on the button below to see how it works.

How to create such a quiz?

Actually, everything is very simple. To start with, we need to create an empty form, for our quest. To do this, go to the list of forms and click on “Create form”:

Template selection

On the left, you will see a list of templates and we'll choose the "Quiz" template::

Template selection

Click on the template itself and click "Continue with this template":

Template selection

Then a pop-up window will open in front of you, where you will need to come up with the title of our quiz:

Title of the quize

Enter the name of your quiz and click "Save", after which you will be redirected to the “Elements” page of the form:

Adding questions to quiz page

It is on this page that all the questions and answers to your visa are created. As we mentioned above, all questions should be placed on separate pages. In the template, by default, the elements and pages have already been added. You can add/remove and edit elements in this template. You should use checkboxes or switches, depending on how many answers you can choose. “Checkboxes” allow you to select multiple values, and the switches allow you to select one.

The template on the first page contains the first question as a checkbox, i.e. you can give several answers to this question.

In order to edit this question and adjust the answer options, you need to move the mouse cursor over the added element and click on the "Edit" icon:

Edit multiple choice in quiz

After that the basic settings of this element will open before you:

Item Settings

In the "Title" field you should write the question itself, and in order to change the answer options you should click on the corresponding field, after that the window for entering and editing the answer options will open:

Answer options

Here you can change existing answer choices or add new ones. In order to add new options, you need to enter them in the corresponding field and click on the "Add options" button. If your question involves illustrative answers, then in order to add images for each answer you should click on the button "Add images", and then a window will open in front of you where you can write links to images for each answer:

Adding images

Here in each field you can specify the URL of the image you need. If necessary, you can upload them to our server. To do this, click on the icon as shown above and a file manager will open in front of you, where you can select previously uploaded images or upload a new one:

Upload answers

To upload a new image to our server, you need to go to the "Download" tab and click on the "plus" icon, after which you will be prompted to select the desired file on your computer to upload to our server.

Just keep in mind that in order to upload images as illustrations to the answers, you need to choose the optimal height and width of the images to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

I also want to draw your attention to another setting of checkboxes and switches - this location.

Location of answer choices

By default, all questions are displayed in one column (column). If you need to arrange them into several columns, select the appropriate number of columns in the Location parameter. In this way, the answers will be automatically aligned in the specified number of columns. If you select such parameters, the alignment will be done:

  • In 2 columns - for alignment in 2 columns with 50% width.
  • In 3 columns - to align in 3 columns with a width of 33%
  • In 4 columns - for aligning in 4 columns with a width of 25%

Once the question and all answer options are configured, click on the "Save" button. Now you can go to the second question on the second page. If the standard types of elements on pages do not fit, you can add a page and add the necessary elements there, and you can also delete or add pages in a form. To delete a page, you need to click on the cross to the right of the page name:

Page deletion in the quize

To add a new page, click the "Add page" link:

Copying a page

This way you need to create as many pages as you have questions. And most importantly, on the last page you need to place a capture form, to do this, add a field on the last page to enter your email address or phone number. If necessary, you can add another field for entering a name, as well as an auxiliary text with information that the test was passed and there is still the last step to get your gift. In the template of the quiz, the capture form has this form:

Capture form in the quiz

It is worth paying your attention to the fact that the last page has no "Back" button. This is done on purpose. To do this, you need to add a separate element of the “Button” form to the last page. If you have added such a button, the back button will not be displayed on the last page.

Quiz processing indicator

Quiz processing indicator

Another important element of any visa is the pass indicator. It shows how many questions we have answered and how many more are left.

The progress indicator is enabled by default in the template. It's also possible to display pages as tabs, but it doesn't suit us for a receipt. If necessary, you can configure page shuffling to display a different sequence of questions to different users. To go to such settings, you need to open “Page Options”:

Page Options

After that you will see all the page settings that can be configured:

Quiz processing indicator

Also, here you can enable the option "Hide the "Back" button in the form", i.e. the user will not be able to return to the previous page, specify page titles and activate the “Step-by-step form”.

Configuring the appearance of the quiz

Adjustment of appearance

By default, the appropriate design theme is used in the Quiz template. It is important to understand that these are the default settings of the design theme and if necessary, you can change the colors, fonts, background, etc. to suit you best.

Copying a design theme

To be able to edit a design theme, you need to copy it. To do this, click on the corresponding icon, as shown in the screenshot above:

After you have copied a theme, you now have full access to it and can modify and edit it as you wish.

Quiz results

With the help of the constructor, you can display different results, depending on the options chosen by the user. To do this, the “Logic” tab has a section called “Rules for form results”:

Rules for form results

Here you can add rules that will display the desired result by clicking the "Add rule" button:

How to add a rule

And select the conditions under which a certain text will be set:

Rule in logic

As a result, the added rule will have a look:

Rule in logic

You can learn about configuring logical rules here. As a result, if a user chooses "Answer Choice 2" on the first page and "Answer 4" on the second page, then after sending the form, he will see a page with text other than the standard one, which is specified in the main options in the "Settings" tab of the form.

Read also: Detailed instructions for creating a website calculator.

That's how easy it is to create a receipt for your website and increase the conversion from visitors to requests by several times!

High conversion rates for you! If something is not clear, leave your comments below.

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