Latest update digest

Good afternoon.

Today we want to tell you about the latest updates that have appeared in our web form builder recently. So let's get started.

List of pages in the “Fields” section

Previously, the list of pages was displayed in the editor at the top above the list of fields:

Latest Update Digest 1

When there are few pages in the form, there are no problems with this. But in some cases, the form may contain a large number of pages and then navigation through them was difficult. In addition, the page names were displayed in abbreviated form “Stage 1”, “Stage 2”, etc.

To simplify working with a large number of pages and navigating through them, we have redesigned the output of pages and now they are displayed to the right of the elements:

Latest Update Digest 2

In addition, the full name of the pages that you have installed is now displayed.

The “Logs" section in the "Applications"

We have also redone the editing of applications. Now they open in the outgoing sidebar on the right, and also added a separate section “Logs”, where you can view logs of all application triggers:

Latest Update Digest 3

Applications errors, if any, are also displayed here.

Common templates for form results, email notifications and print pages

We have redone the work with email notification templates and form results. Now you can use the same templates for all this:

Latest Update Digest 4

Latest Update Digest 5

Latest Update Digest 5

When you click on the “Choose template” button, a window opens with a list of available templates, where you can select a ready-made template or create a new one:

Latest Update Digest 6

In the list of templates, you can create various folders and put templates there to facilitate navigation and search for the desired template.

Having created one template, it can be used in different forms, both for email notifications and for the results of a form or a page for printing

Ready-made templates of web forms

Hotel booking

Take a reservation for a hotel, motel, or apartment using this template Details

Sign up for a car service

Template of online time reservation for car service services Details

Evaluation of the event

Conduct a survey among the participants of your event Details

Evaluation request form

Ideal for Appraisal Company Websites, Facility managers, Properties landlords, Arquitects . Details

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