New element of the form "Question Matrix"

Good afternoon.

Today we are in a hurry to tell you about a new element that we have added to our web form constructor - "Question Matrix".

New element of web-form

The Question Matrix is a combination of several questions with the same answers. It is essentially a table where you ask questions as rows and columns are choices and the user puts his choices in the cells. This is how it can look like in reality:

Displaying the question matrix in a web form

In this example, you can only choose one answer per line. But this can be configured and then instead of switches in the cells will be displayed checkboxes, and the user will be able to select multiple options on one line.

Scale and grading questions are good for the question matrix. A typical example is the Likert scale. Matrix questions greatly reduce the survey and make it more informative.

That's all for now. Have a good day!

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