How to configure data transfer from forms to other services without a programmer

Do you want the collected contacts, answers and customer feedback to automatically go to the right service? It's easy to arrange. Read our article on what to do.

You can organize the transfer of data from the forms to various services: from messengers to CRM. FormDesigner has built-in modules for connecting to various systems. All you need to do is go to the Integration section, select the desired service and follow the connection instructions.

But what should you do if you do not find an integration module for the system you need? If that is the case, the ApiX-Drive online connector. It allows you to connect a wide range of additional services to your forms to receive data.

Key features of the online connector

  • Simplicity. Setup is done in a clear interface and does not require any programming knowledge. The user has only to register on the ApiX-Drive site and connect FormDesigner to suitable data ingest services.
  • Quick setup. On average it takes 10-15 minutes to organize data transfer from a form to the selected service.
  • Data processing functions. If necessary, you can set up a filter that will automatically filter out unnecessary data. For example, leads from cities you don't serve. Also ApiX-Drive can change the formatting on the fly: change the case of transmitted characters or add spaces in the text. In addition, the connector is capable of performing mathematical operations on numbers from forms and transmitting the results of calculations.
  • More than 250 services are supported. The list is regularly expanding.

Where to send data from FormDesigner forms

Here are some typical data transfers using the connector.

To email distribution services

Many companies use forms to collect customer email addresses for email marketing. ApiX-Drive ApiX-Drive can automatically add every address left by a visitor to the database of your chosen email marketing service. Systems such as Unisender, MailChimp, SendPulse, GetResponse, eSputnik, DashaMail, ExpertSender, FalconSender and more are supported.


Do you sell through the Internet? Then you probably work with leads in CRM. After all, such systems are optimal for organizing requests and building sales funnels. You only need to set up automatic delivery of leads from forms to your CRM-system. This can be done through ApiX-Drive. The connector is able to transfer data to AmoCRM, MoiShklad, Bitrix24, Zoho, RetailCRM, SalesForce, MyClass, and other popular CRMs.

In project management systems

If you view each customer request as a separate task, you'll be comfortable working with them in project management services as well. You will be able to manage your sales funnels with almost the same convenience as in CRM. And on top of that, you'll get advanced delegation functions. With ApiX-Drive you can set up automatic transfer of requests from the forms to MeisterTask, Trello, Megaplan, Worksection and other project management systems.

To online spreadsheets

What if you don't want to pay for CRM and project management services or just don't need their redundant features? Then you can work with leads directly in online spreadsheets - a simple and free tool. ApiX-Drive allows you to set up automatic sending of leads and other data from forms to Google Sheets.

To messengers and Gmail

It is convenient to receive feedback gathered through forms in mail or messenger. This approach allows you to react quickly to customers' comments. Using ApiX-Drive you can set up automatic feedback transfer to Gmail, Telegram, Viber or Slack.

How to set up automatic data transfer via ApiX-Drive

Let's look at the process with a concrete example: let's set up data transfer from a form to Google Sheets. For other services some steps may be different, but in general the algorithm is always the same.

To proceed to setting up the connection, sign up on the ApiX-Drive site. Go to a personal cabinet and click "Create connection". Then perform the following actions.

Connect and set up a FormDesigner account

Since we want ApiX-Drive to pass data from FormDesigner forms, we choose FormDesigner as a source.

Connect and set up the FormDesigner 1 account

Choose "Get data" action.

Connect and set up the FormDesigner 2 account

Now connect your FormDesigner account. First, click the appropriate button.

Connect and set up the FormDesigner 3 account

Then we copy the URL we will need to connect.

Connect and set up the FormDesigner 4 account

Open a new tab in the FormDesigner personal account and select the desired form in the panel on the left. Then go to the "Modules" section, point your mouse over Webhooks, and click "Add".

Configuring the module of integration 1

In the settings of the module insert the previously copied URL and set up parameters that should be transmitted. Do not forget to save the changes.

Setting up the integration module 2

Open the required form in the cabinet and click "View". After that, enter any data and send it. You will need it for the test.

Preview the form data-verified=

Since we need leads to be sent to an online table, we choose Google Sheets as the receiver.

Connect and configure your Google Sheets account 1

Select the "Add a row" action, which will fill a separate row with information about each added lead.

Connect and set up your Google Sheets account 2

Click "Connect your Google Sheets account" and give you all the permissions you requested.

Connect and set up your Google Sheets account 3

Specify the table (file) and sheet where the data will be added. Then, choose what kind of lead data ApiX-Drive will copy from the form into each field. Leave unnecessary fields blank.

Connect and set up your Google Sheets account 4

After that, follow all the remaining steps listed on the timeline above.

This is roughly how the data transmitted from the forms will look in Google Sheets:

Connect and set up your Google Sheets account 5

That's it. ApiX-Drive will transfer leads from the forms to the table according to the selected settings. You can configure sending data to other supported services in the same way.

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