Feedback form

The feedback form or contact form is an HTML-form, which usually has several fields: name, email, subject of the message, the text of the message, and the "Send" button. After the visitor completes the form and clicks the “Submit” button, all data from the form is sent to the website owner’s email. At the same time, the website visitor will not have to open any additional email programs. In addition, when using the feedback form, you do not disclose your email address to spammers.

Using the FormDesigner service, you can create a ready-made feedback form for your website in a few clicks. After which you will receive a ready-made code to insert it on the website.

After creating the contact form, you can add new fields or edit the old ones, add SPAM protection, configure validation rules and appearance at any time.

All data sent by the form is stored in our system, and also sent to your email addresses. Therefore, if en email fell under the SPAM filter, you can always find and read it on our website.

Finished Form Example

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