A quiz can be described as a new effective marketing tool which can identify the needs of a website visitor. Quiz is a step-by-step form of capture, which helps with each subsequent question to interest the client more and more, rather than immediately frighten off the questionnaire with 10 - 20 questions on one page, and as a result, the user leaves a request and provides his contact information.

Advantage of a Quiz

The quiz allows you to consistently increase the chance of the client to leave his contact information. Quiz or quiz-landing is implemented in a game form, where a visitor is asked several questions step by step:

  • Who is he/she?
  • What does he/she need?
  • How much money is he/she ready to spend?
  • When?

Quiz is actively used for educational purposes, entertainment, and now they have gained a pronounced trading effect. Quizzes offered a worthy, one might say, “softer” alternative to a more “assertive” application - leave a request. The site visitor answers questions with interest, as he knows that in the end he will find out, for example, what kind of discount he will receive for a product or service.

How to create quiz?

Read about how to create such a quiz on our website here.

Finished Form Example

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