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The main role of online calculators is to show the potential client correct and reliable information on calculating the order of interest, without additional polls and collecting information about the client. When using the calculator, you can understand that it was the interested client who turned to this product, and not the casual visitor. When using the calculator on the website, one should take into account the possibility of communication between the client and the company employee to clarify the order or additional questions. A positive result will be with the quickest possible response of the employee and full satisfaction of the questions asked, as well as an attractive and competitive total amount on the calculator.

The possibility of using the calculator increases the amount of traffic on the website, the demand for the product increases, the interest grows, and close cooperation is established. The use of online calculators is especially important in construction, cargo transportation, repair work, banking and clearing services, in furniture production, in the cosmetics sector and in other areas.

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