Subscription form

Using our service, you can create a ready-made subscription form in a few clicks. After that, sending out or posting a link to a finished form or posting it on your website is as easy as a copy-paste.

If desired you can create new or edit already created fields, as well as change the appearance of the form.

By posting a subscription form on your website, you will provide your customers with the opportunity to subscribe to electronic newsletters or paper publications from your website. At the same time, you get the subscriber base, you can download it for your email campaigns at any time.

All information received through the forms is stored in the system, and is also sent to the email addresses you specified.

You can simply request email, or you can ask users for additional filtering options when sending. For example, a heading that a person wants to subscribe to, and possibly his age and gender.

You can download the subscriber base at any time and do an email campaign.

Finished Form Example

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