Start page for the quizzes and tests

Good afternoon.

Today we have another update that will be very useful for users using tests and various quizzes. Now you can enable and configure the start page for any web form. This start page looks something like this:

Start page for quiz and quiz 1

In order to enable the start page, you need to go to the web form settings. There is a new section “Start page”:

Home page for quiz and quiz 2

Go to this section and activate the switch “Turn on the start page”, after which you will see the main settings of the start page:

Home page for quiz and quiz 3

On the start page you can add:

  • Background image
  • Title
  • Text (additional description of the offer)
  • Button text
  • Phone
  • Company name or slogan
  • Legal information
  • Website

Start page design

There are several home page designs: default, full page, and centered. The design determines how the background image and basic information on the page will be displayed.

Page design “By default”

By default, the background image takes up half of the screen and basic information is displayed on the side:

Home page for quiz and quiz 4

Here you can adjust the alignment: on the right side and on the left side. This way you change which side the background image and basic information will be displayed from.

Full page page design

This design is similar to the default design, with the only exception that the background image occupies the entire width of the screen:

Home page for quiz and quiz 5

Here, you can also adjust the alignment, but there is also a “At the center" alignment:

Home page for quiz and quiz 6

Page design “At the centered"

With this design, alignment occurs only in the center in this form:

Home page for quiz and quiz 7

The design theme for the start page

A separate “Start page” section has also appeared in the theme settings, where you can change the background color, font, buttons, etc.

Home page for quiz and quiz 8

We hope this update will be useful for you. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

That's all for today. Have a good day!

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