Online calculator on the site: the benefits for marketing

With a cursory analysis of the queries users ask, you can see that several thousand people are interested in the calculator on the site every month. Automated price calculations are used on the web pages of small businesses as well as on web pages promoting popular insurance and banking products.


How to create an online calculator that can help improve marketing performance and sales, tells ROMI center, a provider of end-to-end analytics services.

Increasing the number of leads and customers

For example, ordering services for cleaning and other household services often use a calculator to return visitors to their site who have not decided to place an order. It also helps them increase conversion rates on their first order, too.

Every web resource, just like a company, has a competitor. Often the visitor to your site is another 1-2 resources from the search results. Marketers try through various tricks to ensure that the "warm" contact is intercepted. To win such a race, sometimes you need to add only 1 field to the calculator form, which is missing from the others. Sometimes, of course, you have to rethink the whole approach: create a new calculator in several variations and test to find the most effective one.


But even before you start developing such a product for your site, at the conception stage, it's a good idea to study how much your potential customer needs an online calculator in principle. Whether its presence on the site will be one of the factors in making a purchasing decision. If yes, then think it up, draw on successful experience and create it. No - spend your free time on the launch of an advertising campaign on the Internet. It will be more productive and effective.

Changing SEO-parameters, increasing traffic

Requests in search engines with the word "calculator" are very numerous. When you have an online calculator on your site it keeps visitors coming back. It provides a reduction in the number of returns to search results and an improvement in behavioral factors on the site.

Building and insurance companies have a calculator to help get their sites in the top search results for certain search terms. So I created a calculator for a staircase installer and put it on their site in the Product Catalogue section. The next day traffic from Yandex to this web page increased. User behavior on the site also improved -- increased engagement and time spent on the site.


When you correctly choose the right keywords and configure the SEO parameters of the resource you are promoting, as well as by connecting advertising on social networks and other sites, it is possible to get a lot more traffic to your site. It is important to know how to use all channels and possibilities to attract leads.

Additional quality

The calculator reduces the number of questions about cost. The site visitor is able to find out the price of the service for his or her specific case without contacting consultants. Incoming leads are higher quality because the customer has already researched the pricing and the full range of services.

The calculator can help weed out irrelevant bids and reduce the workload of consultants. The optimal approach is often to work with your highest-potential customers, not just "funnel extensions.

When a calculator is useless

When queries about the cost of your product or service are in the top 20 listings, a calculator is essential. But it's not always an effective source of direct conversions. Calculators are often used, but orders through them do not make often. For example, calculator for window calculations on the Web resource of the window company may have high traffic, but people make orders through it less often than through online forms to call a customer service representative.

We should consider behavioral factors first and foremost: visitors stay on the site thanks to the calculator, there are many interactions on it. If you want to replace other forms on your site with the calculator, this idea is feasible if, in addition to the calculation itself, the calculator also contains an offer that is relevant to the customer's expectations. For example, the calculator offers a 10% discount on the condition that the customer sends the order immediately.

In the aforementioned example with a window company - after 3 min a banner appears on the calculator page that makes it easy to place an order. This dramatically boosts the conversion rate of that page.

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