Advanced form analytics

Good afternoon.

Now we have advanced analytics for forms, which is now available for free, for all our users for a period of 1 month.

A new section "Analytics" has appeared in the "Statistics" tab, where data on downloads and form views, as well as on each page of the form separately, are displayed.

The following data is available to you on this page:

  • Form loads - shows how many times the form has been loaded on the page
  • Views - shows how many times the form has entered the user's field of view
  • Visits - shows the number of unique views of the form
  • Submissions - the number of submitted forms for the selected period of time
  • Conversion - calculated based on data on form views and the number of applications received

In addition, there is information on viewing each page separately and filling in the form fields.

Thanks to this analytics, you will be able to determine exactly at what stage the user has difficulty filling out the form. Which fields the user skips, and which ones he fills in on the contrary.

We hope this analysis will be useful to you and will help you increase the conversion of your form.

That's all for today. Have a good day!

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