New module integration with cloud micro-CRM

Good afternoon.

Today we would like to tell you about the new integration module, which appeared in our web-form constructor. A few days ago we added integration with cloud micro-CRM which contains a set of tools to collect applications from the site and work with them. The system includes it:

  • online chat widget
  • inbound call lead generation
  • getting leads from Google Leads and other services through API
  • audio-to-text transcription
  • notifications to Viber and Telegram
  • automatic transfer of leads to other CRMs, etc.

The service is suitable for small businesses as a simple and inexpensive CRM system to connect to a landline or website and track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

In order to set up integration with this service you need to go to the desired form and open the "Modules" tab:

Connecting the integration module

Find the integration module there, move the mouse cursor over it and click the "Add" button, after which you will see a pop-up window with the module settings:

Main settings of the integration module

Main settings of the integration module in your project settings in the system. Next, you need to select the fields that contain the client's name, phone number or email, and also fill in the "Request content" field. Make a necessary template of the request content, and use macros to insert values from the form.

In the "Advanced settings" tab, you can configure the transfer of optional fields:

Here you can specify the client's region, preliminary price of a product or service, as well as fill in a comment to the request. Here you can also use macros to substitution values from the form.

This is how you can easily set up integration with this micro-CRM. In addition, we have agreed on a special bonus for all our customers.

Gift for our customers

After registration in the system, send a message with the FORMDESIGNER promotional code to technical support and get $3 to your account for any service, for example, it will be enough to pay for 300 additional sends of lida or more than 70 minutes of audio transcription into text.

That's all for today. Have a good day!

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