Refinement of the "Phone" element

Good afternoon!

Today we want to inform you about the update of the phone element. Previously, it was possible to choose an international phone input format or an input mask. Our users have contacted us about the possibility to select a country in the phone field list. Now, we have added this feature.

The list "Phone number input mode" appeared in the main parameters of the "Phone" element:


When opening the "Phone Number Input Mode" list, 3 phone number input mode options are now available:

  • enter the number in the international format
  • entering the phone number using the specified mask
  • entering a phone number with a country flag

Phone 2

Now there is a third input option, in the form of "Entering a phone number with a country flag":

Phone 3

If this option is selected, then when filling out the phone, you can select a country with an international code from the list:

Phone 4

When you have chosen a country, the international code will be substituted and it remains to enter the phone number:

Phone 5

Accordingly, the statistics will show the phone number in the international format.

Similarly, the choice of the method of entering the phone number also applies to the "Messenger" element:

Phone 6

We hope that the innovation in the phone element will be useful to you and actively used in your forms. That's it. All the best to you!

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