Custom сode. New features

Good afternoon.

Today we have another update. We have improved our script manager added the ability to connect not one arbitrary code to the form, but several and set the order of loading them.

This is very convenient. Now you do not need to add the same code to several scripts. You can select the common code and place it in a separate script. And anything that is different is already added to another script.

For example, facebook pixel code can be separated into a separate script that will be included on all form pages. And the event code, which will be triggered on the page of successful form filling, you can put in a separate script and configure its connection type "On the page of successful form filling".

So, the event can be different for different forms, but the code of the Facebook pixel itself will be the same. Thus, in the desired form, we can connect the common code of the Facebook pixel, as well as the desired event code.

To add multiple scripts to the form, go to the "Custom code" section of the form settings:

Custom Code

This will display a list of the scripts used in the form and below that a list of those scripts that can still be added to the form.

To add a script to the form, you need to select the script in the list "List of scripts that can be added to the form" and click on "Add to Form":

Adding a script

After that the script will be displayed in the list of the scripts you are using:

After you have added the scripts you need in the form, you can sort them in the order in which they should be loaded in the form. To do this, simply drag the desired script to the desired place in the list.

After all the settings, do not forget to click on the "Save" button.

That is all for today. Have a nice day!

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