Default value for logical conditions in a "Formula" element

Good afternoon.

As you know, we have a "Formula" elementwith which you can create various online calculators and calculations. So, you could use logic rules in the formula settings and, depending on the conditions, you could return different values to the formula. This is a kind of IF-ELSE in programming.

So, if any of the specified conditions were met, then a specified value would be returned to the formula. If none of the conditions worked, then the number zero was always returned to the formula.

But sometimes, this behavior was not convenient and it was much better to return some other value instead of zero. And now it has become possible. We added an option to set the default value to be returned to the formula when none of the conditions were met:

Setting the default value for the logical conditions in a formula

In addition, we have tried and added the ability to return not only the specified value, but also the value of any other form element. To do this, you need to specify the macro of the desired field:

Use the macro as the default value in the logical conditions of the formula

This macro will be substituted by the current value of this field from the form.

Sometimes this functionality can significantly simplify a formula. We hope you will appreciate these improvements and successfully use them in your forms.

And what do you think about this feature, will you use in your forms?

Leave your thoughts in the comments to this article! It is very important for us to know what you think about our improvements so that we can understand whether we are moving in that direction or not.

That's all for today. Have a good day!

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