MySQL data source

Good afternoon.

Recently we announced a new module of integration with the MySQL database, and today you have the opportunity to use the MySQL database as a data source. Recall that you can still use google sheets and FormDesigner form as data sources.

How do I create a MySQL data source?

To create a new MySQL data source, go to the "Data Sources" menu and click on the "Add" button:

Page with the list of data sources

You will see a page with a list of all available data sources. Find the MySQL data source, point the cursor over it and click the "Add" button:

Adding the MySQL data source

Then a page with the basic MySQL data source settings will open:

MySQL Data Source Connection Parameters

Here you should enter the database connection parameters:

  • Host (domain name or IP address)
  • MySQL user name, under which all queries will be executed
  • MySQL user password
  • Port
  • Name of the database to connect to
  • Encoding

Please note that your database must have remote access enabled, and the user has the right to access from the ip address of our server -

After all the data is filled in, you should click on the button "Get access to the database":

If everything is entered correctly, you will see two lists "Database Table" and "Table Column":

Setting up a table and a column of MySQL database

Select, respectively, a table and a column of the table, which will be used as data in the form, and press the "Save" button:

Table and column of MySQL database

Go to the desired form, where you need to connect as options for switches, checkboxes or drop-down list, the source MySQL data. In the edit mode of the desired item, it is necessary to enable the option:

Activate MySQL data source

And select the data source from the drop-down list:

Choose MySQL data source

Save your changes and in the form view, the answer options will be the data from your MySQL database table.

That's all for today. Have a nice day!

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