Prohibition on re-filling the form

Good afternoon.

Today we are sharing with you the next improvements in our web form builder, namely such a useful option as "prohibition on re-filling the form".

As you probably know, in the form settings you could activate a ban on re-filling a web form . This blocking worked:

  • by Cookie
  • by IP
  • by Cookie and IP

This option is actively used in online voting to protect against cheating. The user fills out the form once and when the form is resubmitted, an error will be displayed and the form will not be sent.

This locking operation is not always convenient. Sometimes it is necessary to limit the re-filling of a form to a certain period of time and number of filings. For example, you can send a form only once a day, and after a day you can send it again, etc.

Thus, in the form settings in the "Protect" section, for the "Repeat form" option we have added 2 more settings: the limit of requests and the blocking period:

Prohibition on re-filling the form

At the moment such lockout period values are available:

  • minute;
  • hour;
  • day;
  • week;
  • month;
  • year;
  • forever and ever.

That's how easy it is now to configure a more complex restriction to re-fill the form.

That's all for today. Have a good day!

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