Creating a form of voting or survey to attract visitors to your site

It is no secret that polls and voting on the sites are not only an additional way to communicate with readers, the opportunity to learn their opinions and wishes, but also another option to attract visitors.

People quite often take part in various polls. It does not matter at all whether they are paid or free. If the reader is interested in the topic of voting, he will definitely take part in it, as he will be interested in the final result, which in some cases is quite unexpected! As a rule, polls consist of one well formulated question and several answer options. And after the user's vote is counted, the average rating for each option is displayed. Thus, the voting leader will be immediately visible.

For marketing purposes, site and blog owners use the voting script to better understand the audience preference, for example, what readers want to see, and in what form it is better to submit. In some cases, no matter how diligently the author did not write articles, they seem uninteresting to the readers, and this significantly affects the attendance of the resource. Here, by the way, there will be polls and votes. After all, this way the site owner can easily find out what information is most interesting to visitors, and what to pay special attention to.

The greatest activity in various polls are women, so blogs and sites on the topic of cooking, fashion, beauty, psychology, needlework, that is, everything that is interesting to the beautiful half of humanity, just have to have such polls. This will significantly increase interest in the resource.

Nowadays there is no need to puzzle over how to create a voting form. It's enough to pass a simple procedure of registration on the site, after which just a few clicks will separate you from the convenient form of polling for your site.

To start with, in your personal cabinet on the main page, choose the desired form by clicking on the button "Create form":

Main settings of the voting or polling form 1

In our case - choose the line "Voting form" from the list and press the button "Continue with this template":

Main settings of the voting or polling form 2

Then enter a form name and click "Create":

Main settings of the voting or polling form 3

Then you can see eleven sections, in the first of which the main parameters of the voting form are set up. In "Basic Options" item you can enter form name, form description, set up action on successful completion of form and enable online form validation:

Main settings of the voting or polling form 4

In order for the user to immediately see the results of the voting, it is necessary in the "Action on successful completion of the form", choose from a list of proposed actions - to show the results of the form.

In the "Protection" item in the tab, you can configure the form protection by selecting a mathematical or invisible cappet in the "Anti-spam protection", and configure the protection against re-filling the form to protect the voting form from cheating:

Main settings of the voting or polling form 5

You can also include a social castle. I.e. a user of the form must first pass authorization in one of the proposed services in order to pass the voting or polling:

Main settings of the voting or polling form 6

The "Elements" tab will initially offer an example form for voting. But you can create your polls by adding checkboxes (for multiple choices) or switches (for single choices) and edit them by clicking on the pencil icon.

Main settings of the voting or polling form 7

Do not forget to save everything and go to get the code, which will be added to the site. In addition, you can use it to promote the resource in social networks or add it to your mailing list. On the "Get the code" tab, select the appropriate code to insert on your website:

Main settings of the voting or polling form 8

In this case, all the answers will be saved in the system, and the addresses of the users who voted are easily exported from the system, which will help in creating a database. Go to the "Statistics" tab, the "Table" will open by default, where each vote from the form is shown:

Main settings of the voting or polling form 9

In addition, you can view the summary rating of any question in your vote or survey at any time by opening the "Histogram" option in the "Statistics" tab:

Main settings of the voting or polling form 10

Also, you can see the voting results in the "Statistics" tab as a "Chart":

Main settings of the voting or polling form 11

In the "Design Theme" tab, you can choose a design theme from the proposed design themes or, having copied any theme, edit it as you wish. Click the "Select Theme" button:

Main settings of the voting or polling form 12

In the "Modules" tab, you can configure integration with various email services, CRM systems, Telegram, etc.

Main settings of the voting or polling form 13

In the "Logic" tab, you can configure a set of unique rules that will define the user's actions when selecting a given item.

Main settings of the voting or polling form 14

After these simple steps, you will create such a useful thing for your resource as a voting form. It is also worth noting that the finished template can be easily changed. So, if you suddenly want to change the answer options or the question itself, you can do it at any time and quite simply.

Besides all the described advantages of polls and votes, they also make websites and blogs more alive. Remember that without a live audience, the resource will not develop! Knowing, and most importantly, considering the opinion of readers, you can make your site more popular and visited!

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