GEO IP integration module

Application Geo IP, which allows you to specify city, region and country from a user's IP address and restrict access to the form from specified countries.

In order to enable this module, go to the "Applications" section in your form. That's where you'll find our new Geo IP module:

Geo IP integration module 1

Hover your mouse over it and click the Add button, you will see a window with the basic settings for the module:

GEO IP integration module 2

Here you need to select the form element where this data will be written to:

  • ISO country code
  • Country
  • Region
  • City

You first need to add hidden fields to the form, for the data you want to save. You can add one field and select it everywhere in the settings, then all the data will add up on one line and be written to that field.

You can also choose the data language. Right now, we offer two languages: Russian and English.

Country Code Check

The Additional Options tab allows you to configure country code check:

Geo IP integration module 3

To do this you must enable the "Activate Country Code Check" radio button and then you will see the remaining settings:

Geo IP integration module 4

Here you need to select the type of verification:

  • Enable to send the form only from a listed country
  • Prohibit sending the form from a country that is on the list

Specify a list of countries. This requires you enter the ISO country code, either separated by a comma or on a new line, and fill in the error message you receive when you go wrong.

This is how you can limit access to the form, for unwanted users and bots, in a simple way.

In the "Rules" tab, you can make rules to activate/deactivate the module by clicking the "Add Expression" button:

GEO IP integration module 5

This is how you can limit access to the form, for unwanted users and bots, in a very simple way.

If you select one field for all record options, the stats in that field will record data on one line:

GEO IP integration module 6

If you selected different fields for each option, the data will be in the selected fields:

GEO IP integration module 7


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