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Now you can use your own subdomain for your web forms created on our website, instead of formdesigner.ru. That way when you publish our form on your website, it will not contain any links to our domain. Before you can use your own subdomain for our forms, you have to create it on your domain, and you have to register a CNAME record in DNS. Other than that, this feature is only available with a Platinum plan.

First you'll have to create your own subdomain by following our guidelines:

  1. Add a CNAME record for your DNS server. These changes usually take a while to start working and can take up to 48 hours to complete. The CNAME record will look like this feedback.mysite.ru. 300 IN CNAME formdesigner.ru. Worth noting the dot at the end of the domains. This is not a typo, they need to be put!. Replace only feedback.mysite.ru with the correct subdomain name. If you don't know where such records should be put, you better contact the technical support department of your web hosting provider.
    Consider the example of REG.RU. Go to Domains and select DNS servers: Subdomain 1
    Under "Resource records" click "+Add entry": Subdomain 2
    Select the entry - CNAME:
    Subdomain 3
    Specify your subdomain value in the "Subdomain" field. As a canonical entry in the "Canonical name" field, specify - formdesigner.ru: Subdomain 4
  2. Go to the list of projects at FormDesigner.ru and select the desired form for which you want to add a subdomain.
  3. Go to the Settings tab. The "Subdomain" section will appear.

Click the "Add subdomain" button:

Subdomain 5

"Before adding a subdomain, you need to have a CNAME entry already spelled out and the site working!"

A popup window will open in front of you, to enter the subdomain. Enter the desired subdomain and click the "Add" button:

Subdomain 6

Subdomain 7

Subdomain 7

This way this subdomain will be added to your general list of subdomains and can be used for different forms. If necessary, you will be able to delete it. To do this, go to the "List of subdomains" tab. After the desired subdomains are added, close this window, after which they will appear in the list of subdomains in the section "Subdomain". Select the desired subdomain from the list and click Save:

Subdomain 8

After adding subdomain, within 30 minutes SSL certificate will be automatically issued for it and subdomain can be used via HTTPS protocol as well!

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