Basic possibilities

Calculator and online payments

You have a great opportunity to expand the functionality of your website by adding an online calculator and an online payment acceptance form created using our designer. All the settings are entered in a special form with a few clicks and are always ready for editing. We tried to make the functionality as simple and straightforward as possible for users that do not have any programming skills.

The ability to connect online payment acceptance to the form

Through created forms, your customers can send information about their order and pay for it immediately. To do this, just connect the "Payment terminal" in the "Modules" section. The tool is universal, and supports integration with popular payment systems: PayPal, Stripe, WebMoney.

In the terminal settings you can specify the name and description of the goods, set the price (it can be fixed or dynamic), independently set the exchange rate you work on. Detailed instructions for connecting various payment systems can be found on this page.

Ability to create an online calculator

In addition to simple mathematical operations, the calculators created in our designer are able to solve the most complex logical problems. You can customize the calculation formula by setting the necessary conditions. Our online calculator has a functions of rounding numbers, limiting the maximum and minimum values, as well as logical conditions.

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