Basic possibilities

Design Themes

Our for designer has eight different themes by default. You can customize the your own design for the page, form, headings, elements and buttons. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your individuality and create a form with an interesting unique style that will certainly attract visitors to the website.

Customize the look of your forms

You can choose one of the standard themes with customized fonts and color schemes, or create your own. The form designer allows you to work through each block and individually customize the design of the main groups of elements. The design editing takes place in real time: the form remains in front of your eyes and you instantly see all the changes you make. You can adjust the background, width and border style, shadows, alignment, indentation, fonts, and other parameters for each group of elements.

Your own CSS code

If you are good at CSS, you can independently write your CSS code and modify the form so that it best matches the style of your website. To do this, open the desired theme and find the "CSS" section. A convenient visual editor with syntax highlighting will help you write code.

Order turnkey form development

No time to figure out all the settings yourself? No problem!
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