Basic possibilities

Data sources

Data Source is a special module that allows you to download data from certain external sources and connect them to the form as an answer choice to such elements as: drop-down list, switch, multiple choice, auto-fill.

Data source FormDesigner

Thanks to this data source, you can upload data to a web form from any of your other forms that were created in the FormDesigner form builder. By setting up which field you need to get the results of filling out the form.

Data source "Google Sheets"

Using this data source, you have the opportunity to connect data loading from a given Google table to an html form. You configure from which table, from which sheet and on which column you need to get data.

Data source "MySQL"

Using this data source, you have the ability to connect to a web form to load data from a MySQL table on your server. You configure which table and which column you want to retrieve data from.

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