Basic possibilities


FormDesigner uses several methods of protection to prevent unauthorized access and protect your data:

  • password access - without it, one will not be able to open a web form;
  • 2 types of captcha (invisible and mathematical) to protect against spam bots;
  • HTTPS encryption.

Also, in the settings you can prevent the same person from filling out the form again (by cookie and/or IP address). This feature is useful when conducting various polls and contests in order to avoid distortion of the results and cheating of votes.

Secure HTTPS connection

When using the HTTPS protocol, data from your browser to the server is transmitted over an encrypted connection. Even if hacker gains access to your information, he won't be able to decode it. Use an HTTPS connection to securely use your web forms.

Social locker

Close your web form from "onlookers" with a social lock, which will display the form only after authorization in one of the social networks.

SPAM protection (captcha)

Modern algorithms reliably protect your form from any type of spam mailings. In order to deal with spam FormDesigner uses 2 types of captcha:

  • Invisible (not visible to a person - but bots react to it);
  • mathematical (to confirm sending, the user needs to solve the simple mathematical task).

On the one hand, this approach allows you to effectively deal with attacks by the network hackers, and on the other hand, it does not cause problems to website visitors (solving an elementary task is much easier than trying to parse the text in the picture).

Protection of the form with a password

To put a password on the form, go to the form settings and look for the "Protection" section. Enter the password in the special field and press the "Save" button. Make sure to save your password somewhere (notebook or locally on your PC), because you will have to enter it every time you access the form.

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