Basic possibilities

Guest access

It is not necessary to spend time on saving statistics in files and sending them by email to provide a colleague or other authorized representative with a report on web forms. By enabling guest access, you can provide a link to any user, including unregistered users. To get the link just press the “Copy to clipboard” button.

Guest access for unregistered users

Unregistered users do not have access to the form itself. You can provide them with information about statistics by generating a special link. Data is available for viewing only, for safety purposes - editing is not permitted to unregistered users. In order to be able to work together on a project, a trustee must create his personal account on our website.

Guest access for registered users

You can provide a registered user with access to both the form itself and its statistics, or restrict it only to access to statistics. This is very convenient when you work in team. To configure it, go to the Guest Access section. Specify the email address of the user who is granted access, as well as the forms and access rights to them. You can deactivate access with just a couple of clicks.

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