Basic possibilities

SMS Notifications

Keep up to date: FormDesigner can send notifications not only by email, but also by SMS. Even if the computer is out of reach at the moment, you will be instantly informed about new form submissions.

This is much more modern and convenient than regular emails, which may get lost in other correspondence or fall into Spam.

As in regular emails, you can substitute any values from the web form in the SMS text: username, order number, date, etc.

Answering machine

With the function of an SMS answering machine, you can make the process of placing orders even more convenient for users. Activate this function in the "Settings", add a field for entering a phone number in the web form - and your customers will be able to receive instant notifications about successfully sent applications. As in standard email notifications, you can substitute data from the form in the message template: name, order ID, password, etc.

Receive notifications of successfully submitted SMS forms

To start receiving SMS notifications, you need to check the respective checkbox in the form settings and specify the phone number for notifications. You can also create a text that will be delivered to your phone after filling out the next form. The number of characters in 1 SMS is limited, all expenses for SMS will be indicated in your personal account.

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