Basic possibilities

Email Notifications

Answering machine

An answering machine is a simple and convenient tool that allows you to automatically send users email notifications after submitting a form (thanks for participating in the survey, order confirmation, message about successful subscription to the newsletter, etc.). You can change any parameters in the settings: the subject of the email, the name of the sender, the address, and the email template.

Configuring the email template and sender name

FormDesigner gives you the flexibility to customize scripts for each form. Using an intuitive visual editor, you can create email templates with the text that you need. In the notification settings, you can change the subject of the email or make the name and email of the user who filled out the form in the "From" field. You also choose which form fields will be displayed in the body of the email (only completed or all). These parameters can be changed at any time if needed.

Substitution variables (macros)

Do not limit yourself to sending standard text - in FormDesigner you can make automatic notifications as personalized as possible. Substitution variables in the email templates allow you to use any information that the user entered in the letters: name, date, address of the page from which the form was sent, application ID, etc. This will allow you to make the service more lively, and the user will not lose information about the order or the product that is of his interest.

Receive notification about the completion of forms on your email

By connecting the notification function for the administrator, you will instantly know about new orders and registered users. If necessary, you can specify several email addresses for notifications - this is especially convenient for large companies where the same information is processed by several services (for example, a call center and marketing department).

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