Basic possibilities

Logical rules and branches

Create unique scripts for each web form and make your website as functional as possible. In the "Logic" section, you can add and edit rules that determine what will happen if the user enters certain information or performs some action. FormDesigner tools allow you to configure :

  • rules for form fields (adding or hiding individual elements during the filling process, auto-completion);
  • rules for email and SMS-notifications (changing the text of messages depending on the entered data, sending to other addresses);
  • redirects to other pages.

It is not necessary to know programming - the creation of logical rules takes place in a convenient visual editor, where you just need to select the desired option for the behavior of the web form from the drop-down list.

Rules for email and sms notifications

Personalize your messages and increase the efficiency of incoming applications processing by adding special rules for email and SMS notifications.

System instantly analyzes the user's responses after the form submition of the form (which items are selected in the lists, what information is contained in text and numeric fields). Depending on the conditions that you have specified, our service may:

  • Change the notification text for the answering machine
  • change the notification text for the administrator;
  • send a message to several additional email addresses or phones.

Using the "AND" and "OR" operators, you can create complex rules that take several parameters at once.

Rules for form fields

Create your own logical algorithms to respond to any user actions when filling out a web form in real-time. The system analyzes the entered data instantly and makes the appropriate changes to the form on the user's screen.

To set a rule, it is necessary to register what actions and values the form will respond to, as well as the result (what happens if the user fulfills the condition - enters a certain text, selects an item in the list, etc.):

  • which individual form fields shall display or hide;
  • How values of other elements will change;
  • will the form automatically submit.

For example, if at the time of placing an order the buyer chooses home delivery, an additional field will be opened for him to enter the address.

Editing of the rules takes place in a convenient visual editor using the simplest algorithms "If ..., then ...".

Redirect rules

This section is intended to create rules for redirecting users to a specific page when certain actions are performed. You can create several redirect conditions in one rule and, if necessary, make adjustments to it. All data is entered in a special form, the completion of which takes a matter of minutes.

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