New settings for the subdomain

Good afternoon, dear friends!

We have new opportunities to work with the subdomain. As you know, you can add your own subdomain to any web form in FormDesigner, so that the link to the form will look like this:

where - this is your subdomain.

But very often our clients asked to add the ability to display the form on the main page of the subdomain. Previously, there was no such possibility, but now it has become possible.

Now, in the settings of each subdomain, you can choose the default form that will be displayed if you open the subdomain home page.

To configure this, go to the form settings in the “Subdomain” section and click on the “Manage subdomains” button there:

New features of subdomain 1

A window will open in front of you with a list of all the added subdomains, where you can see whether the SSL certificate is active for this domain and up to what date.

Now there are 2 sections "List of subdomains" and a new section "Adding":

New features of subdomain 2

In order to set up the default form for a subdomain, you need to proceed to editing it by clicking on the corresponding icon:

New features of subdomain 3

In the "Default Form" field, select the desired form, and then click on the "Save" button.

Now, by opening the main page of the subdomain, the specified form will be displayed.

Thanks to this setting, you now have the opportunity to confirm a subdomain in Facebook. Read about how to do this here.

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