To enter theme editing mode, you first need to copy the theme (described here - "How do I change the design theme?"). Next, select the "Tooltips" item. So that you can adjust, you have in the settings of the element, in the "Hints" field, must be a certain text, which, when you hover over the element will be displayed. The settings are available for the form:

Errors 1


In the "Background" menu, you can choose the appropriate background for form errors:

  • Color
  • Gradient
  • Image
  • Transparent background

If you select the "Color" item in the main state, then a solid background color of the error will be set, the appropriate color can be selected from the palette:

Errors 2

In the "Gradient" item, you can select the initial background color of the error, which will turn into the final color, and its selection, respectively, is also available. You can also adjust the color transition direction:

  • Top down
  • Bottom up
  • From left to right
  • From right to left
  • From top left to bottom right
  • From bottom left to top right
  • From top right to bottom left
  • From bottom right to top left

Errors 3

The next item is "Image". To add an image to the page, click on the "Select image" icon in the "Image URL" field and you will see a pop-up window of the file manager with image selection options:

  • Gallery
  • Photobank
  • My images

Errors 4

In the "File manager" section, previously uploaded images will be available to you, in the "Gallery" - standard images and in the "Upload" section, you can add images:

Errors 5

In the "Repeat" field, you can configure how the image will be positioned in the error: without repetition, horizontal, vertical, multiply. If you select a transparent background, the background color of the form will be:

Errors 6


In the theme editing menu, using the "Frame" item, you can set:

  • border width
  • border style
  • border color
  • border rounding

To go to the error frame settings, click on the slider to enable the option and select the sub-item to configure:

Errors 7

By setting the width to 2 px, the solid frame type and the black color, we got the error framing:

Errors 8


In the edit menu of your design theme, you can configure the error shadow, to do this, enable the "Shadow" sub-item by moving the slider:

Errors 9

In the shadow settings, the following settings will be available: shadow type (external and internal), color, shadow blur, shadow stretching, transparency and shifts along the X and Y axes:

Errors 10


The following subsections are available in the Font section of the theme editing menu:

  • Font(you can choose the font type)
  • Font size of the item
  • Font color of the item
  • Line Height
  • Font style (italics and bold)

There are also sub-items "Name of form elements" and "Description of form elements" (in this sub-item, to see changes in the design theme, you need to go to the form settings in the subsection "Validation errors" enable error output "Above the form and under the element"):

Errors 11


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