To enter theme editing mode, you must first copy the theme, described here - "How do I change the design theme?" Next, select "Page":

Page 1

The settings for the form page will open to the right:

Page 2

Page background customization is available:

  • Color
  • Gradient
  • Image
  • Transparent background

If you choose "Color" item you will set solid color of the page background, color can be chosen from palette. In "Gradient" you can choose the start color, which will change into the end color and you can choose it too. You can also adjust the direction of color transition:

  • from top to bottom
  • from bottom to top
  • left to right
  • from right to left
  • from top left to bottom right
  • bottom left corner to top right corner
  • Top right corner to bottom left corner
  • bottom right corner to top left corner

Page 3

The next item is "Image". To add an image to the page, click the "Choose Image" icon in the "Image URL" field and you will see the File Manager pop up with choices for the image:

  • Gallery
  • Photobank
  • My images

In the file manager, standard images are available in the gallery, through the menu "upload" you can add your images, which will be available in the tab "My Pictures". In the sub-item "Repeat" you can reproduce the image, both in full screen, and vertically, horizontally. You can also adjust the X and Y shift in "X Shift" and "Y Shift" respectively.

Page 5 .

In the page background edit menu, you can also choose transparent background, click the appropriate item to select it:

Page 6

To view the form you've already set up, click the "View" icon and the form will open in a new tab in your browser:

Page 7


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