Validation errors

Validation errors are errors that are displayed when validating a web form. These can be errors about the need to fill in a mandatory input field, about incorrectly entering a phone number or email address, etc.

In the web form settings under "Main Parameters" you can configure how validation errors are displayed:

The error output options available at the moment are:

  • Above the form
  • Below each element
  • Above the form and below element
  • Under the Form and under the element
  • Under the form

Online validation of a web form

You can also activate online validation of the web form, i.e. the verification of the web form for correctness of information input will take place not on the server, after submitting the form, but immediately in the user's browser.

Once online validation is activated, users will not be able to submit a web form or proceed to the next page of the form until they have completed all mandatory fields and corrected errors.


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