E-mail confirmation integration module

The "E-mail Confirmation" application allows you to set up email confirmation of requests. The user enters their email address into the form and once the form is submitted, an email is sent to them with a confirmation code to be entered on the next page of the form.

In order to activate the "E-mail confirmation" application, you need to go to the "Applications" section in the required form. You will find the appropriate module there:

Connecting module "Email confirmation"

Hover your mouse over it and click the "Add" button, you will see a window with the settings for this module:

Setting up module "E-mail confirmation"

This is where you need to select:

  • The form element with the type "E-mail address" to which the email will be sent
  • The text on the confirmation page where you must enter the code
  • The subject of the letter that is sent to the user in the mail
  • The text of the letter

All of this you can change and customize. You can change the default texts in the "Localization" tab that are used in this plugin:

Localization of module "E-mail confirmation"

You can change all of this if necessary or translate it to another language.

In the "Rules" tab, you can configure the rules to activate or deactivate the application:



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