Unisender integration module

To activate the integration module Unisender, you need to go to your personal cabinet and select the "Applications" section in the required form:

Unisender integration module 1

A list of all available modules will appear in front of you. Click on the "+Add" icon under "Unisender":

Unisender integration module 2

Application settings

A popup window will open with module settings, where you need to enter the key from your Unisender email service account in the "API access key" field. Then click sync and save:

Unisender integration module 3

Unisender module API access key

To find out where the "API access key" is located, you need to go to your Unisender account settings:

Unisender integration module 4

In your account settings, go to the "Integration and API" tab:

Unisender integration module 5

Click in the "API key" field - show full:

Unisender integration module 6

A form will appear requesting the password you use to log into your personal Unisender account. Enter your password:

Unisender integration module 7

The API key will be displayed completely and you can copy it to yourself in the settings of the integration application Unisender:.

Unisender integration module 8

Once you have synchronized the data with Unisender and saved it, you will see the Unisender integration application settings:

Unisender integration module 9

You need to select a contact list that users who fill out the form will be subscribed to. Next you need to select the form element that will contain the e-mail address of the subscriber, the subscriber's phone number and the subscriber's name. Requirement is to have an e-mail address or a field for entering a phone number in the form. The contact's name can be left blank.

Additional parameters of the Unisender application

Under Additional parametrs, the Additional fields tab is available that you have added to Unisender:

Unisender integration module 10


In the "Rules" section, you can add logic rules to activate or deactivate the Unisender integration application:

Unisender integration module 11


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