Mailigen integration module

By connecting the Mailigen module to your form, the user who filled out the form gets not only into our statistics system, but also into the mailing service subscription list. In order to set up integration with the Mailigen service, go to the Applications" tab in the desired form:

Mailigen integration module 1

Hover your mouse over the Mailigen application and click the "+Add" link:

Mailigen 2 integration module

Hover your mouse over the Mailigen application and click the "+Add" link:

Mailigen 2 integration module

Settings of application Mailigen

A popup window will open with module settings, where you need to enter the key from your email service account Mailigen in the "API access key" field. Then click "sync" and "save."

Mailigen 3 integration module

Where to get the API key

To find out where the "API Access Key" is located, you need to go into your Mailigen email service account settings. To do this, click on your "gear" profile and open the "Tools and integrations" tab:

Mailigen 4 integration module

Click "Api Keys":

Mailigen integration module 5

Click "Api Keys":

Mailigen integration module 5

On the "API Keys" tab, click "Create Key":

In the table, you can copy the created key and be sure in the status, the slider must be moved to the active position:

Mailigen integration module 7

In the module settings, select the newsletter created on the Mailigen email service. You can also enable the "Update existing contact on doubles" option, then when you add a subscriber to your mailing list, his/her data will be overwritten with the new one you set up in the module:

Mailigen integration module 8

Additional parameters

In additional parameters you can add parameters from the form. Here you choose which parameters to pass to Mailigen. To add a parameter, click on the "Add a field" link. You will then have a line added, with the additional fields of the selected Mailigen mailing list on the left and the fields from the form on the right. In this way you can set up the transfer of all necessary fields from the form to your mailing list. After that, you need to click on the "Save" button:

Mailigen integration module 9

In the "Rules" section, you can add logic rules to activate or deactivate this module:

Mailigen integration module 10


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