Sendbox integration module

To connect the integration module, you need to go to your personal cabinet and select the "Modules" section in the required form:

Sendbox 1 integration module

A list of all available modules will appear in front of you. Click on the "+Add" icon under "Sendbox":

Sendbox integration module 2

Module settings

A pop-up window will open with module settings, where you need to enter the ID and Secret of your Sendbox mail service account in the "API ID" and "API Secret" fields. Next click sync and save:

Sendbox integration module 3

Where to get the API ID and API secret in the Sendbox service

The parameters you need to get the key can be found in your personal cabinet settings in the "API" section of Sendbox settings. To find out where the "API ID" and "API Secret" are located, you need to enter the Sendbox account settings. To do this, click on the avatar in the upper right corner:

Sendbox integration module 4

Next, click "Account Settings."

Sendbox integration module 5

You will see your account settings and select the "API" tab:

Sendbox integration module 6

Click the "Activate REST API" switch:

Sendbox integration module 7

You will see the parameters for getting a key. Your ID and Secret will be created after you save the settings, i.e. click the "Save" button below:

Sendbox integration module 8

After saving the ID and Secret will appear, which you should copy to the API ID and API Secret fields in the integration module settings respectively, and click sync as shown in the screenshot above:

Sendbox integration module 9

If you have copied everything correctly, you will see the main settings of the "Sendbox" module:

Sendbox integration module 10

In the "Address Book List" item you can select the address books created on the Sendbox service to which users who fill out the form will be subscribed.

On the "Extras" tab, you can add a parameter from the form and select its corresponding item on the left:

Sendbox integration module 10

Logic module activation rules

In the "Rules" tab, you can add logical rules to activate or deactivate the Sendbox integration module. To do this, click the "Add Expression" button and select the rule to activate or deactivate the module:

Sendbox integration module 11


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