Google map

The "Google map" element allows you to get the coordinates of a point (latitude and longitude) on the map. This element is located in the "Extra fields". After adding this form element, you must enter the value "Google Maps API Key" in its main settings.

Google map 1

The Google Maps API key can be used the same for both the "Address" element and the "Google Map" element.

Map Settings

Google map 2

In the map settings, you can change the following parameters:

  • map type (default, satellite, hybrid and terrain)
  • width and height of the map in the form
  • map zoom level
  • specify the latitude and longitude of the starting point on the map

In addition, it is possible to link the card to the address by selecting the appropriate field from the form.

Google map 3

Thanks to this setting, the address and coordinates on the map will be interconnected. When you change the address, the point on the map will change and when you move the point on the map, the address in the form will automatically change.

In order for the user to be able to move a point on the map, it is necessary to enable the option "Allow to move the marker on the map".

It is also possible to automatically determine the user's geolocation on the map. To do this, enable the option "Automatic detection of user geolocation".

This is how the map will look in the form:

Google map 4


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